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Every fall I teach, I teach Four different classes. I teach a stock removal class fixed blade class, a Damascus class a Framelock folder class and lastly a Damascus Chef knife class.

 My Damascus class is a two day course, we will start with 1095s and 15N20 steel. we start with a 25 layer billet of shim stock that is stacked and alternated between the two steels. We next tack weld them together to keep them joined until we forge weld them. Next we weld on a rebar handle and then forge weld it using one of two power hammers and one 50 ton press. We will weld and re-stack to achieve your desired layer count, and next do one of several other process depending on the look your going for. We can  make random, raindrop, or ladder pattern up to 1000 layers if customer desires. Lastly we surface grind it flat and do a quick test etch. Customer usually has enough steel to make three medium sized knives. We only make the steel in this two day class and cost is $700 for the two day class with a 50% deposit necessary to get on the list. Lunch is provided as well as coffee and pastries in the morning.

My stock removal class is a two day Class, You start with a rectangle of 1095 High carbon steel and two rectangles of Wood or G10 for handles and lastly we make a Kydex sheath. Day one we will draw profile of knife on steel and grind the profile to shape via a 2x72 grinder. Next we drill holes and tap the holes for #8-32 threads to secure the handles. Next we add jimping using a file (Though I will use a mill to show the fast way) next we grind the bevels and lastly heat treat and temper at the end of day 1. Day two  we finish grind the bevels and swedge and next make handles and scallop the handles for good purchase. Lastly we parkerize the blade to turn it black and prevent it from rusting and lastly make a kydex sheath. Cost for the course is $500 for the two day course and lunch is provided as well as pastries for the morning. a 50% deposit is necessary in order to get on the list. I only teach three at a time on this course.

My framelock folder class is a two day class, we will start with waterjet cut titanium scales and a water jet cut and pre-hardened folder blade. We will start with flattening the two scales on a disk grinder and next counterbore the scales for pivot and bearings. Next we ream blades pivot and lap it, next drill,ream and counterbore the two scales for screws, pivots and clip. We will also chamfer or radius your scales depending on the look your going for and also grind the lockup on the blade to match the frames lockbar. We will also have to sculp/mill the clip and lastly grind the bevels on the blade after we grind the lockup and it opens closes to our satisfaction. This is a two day class and cost $700 with a 50% deposit in order to get on the list.

My Damascus Chef knife class is a four day class, Day 1 and 2 are used to create a damascus billet of approx 300-400 layers using two different power hammers and a press to create your billet, Days 3 and 4 you turn your billet into a Chef knife using  my 2"x72" grinders. Cost is $1100 for the four day class.

November classes

Nov 2-3  Fixed blade class (1 slot left)

Nov 5-6 Folder class

Nov 11-14 Damascus Chef knife class

Nov 16-17 Stock removal fixed blade class

Nov 19-20 Damascus class

Nov 23-24 Framelock folder class

Nov 26-29 Damascus Chef knife class

Heading 1

December Classes

Dec 1-4 Damascus Chef knife class

Dec 9-10 Framelock Folder class

Dec 12-13 Fixed blade class

Dec 17-18 Damascus class

Dec 28-31 Damascus Chef knife class

If your interested in a class email me for availability and deposit. I only teach classes from Nov15 to Mar1, In the warmer months I do not teach knife making.

If you prefer a class on dates not shown, email me and for a 50% deposit I  can teach

the class your interested in on the dates you want. Even if my calendar shows something else, I can change class to what you desire as long as I don't have any other students signed up yet. All classes are taught at my shop which is just outside of Fayetteville, NC.

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