Quattro Grinder



This is my Quattro four arm 2"x72"  grinder, This grinder was first made available in July 2020, This grinder superseded my TAG101 (Triple arm grinder) Which I had manufactured from 2012 to 2020. This grinder comes with a 2hp Leeson motor which can be wired for 120v or 220V. The flat platten comes with two ea 2" rubber contact wheels on top and bottom. The all new tilting stand perfectly balances the grinder so its a enjoyable endeavor to rotate grinder to horizontal mode. Grinder comes with an adjustable toolrest that can be adjusted in height or can be angled to suit your grinding needs. This grinder comes with all steel and alumninum plated and or coated. Steel parts are parkerized to prevent rust and all aluminum is anodized (Spacers between two plates and wheels). Though its not shown grinder comes with a task light attached to grinder frame (Shown in video below).Grinder comes as shown for $3200 and its an additional $200 for flat rate shipping inside the continental USA. Ive already made one run of this grinder and it sold out almost immediately, I Just finished a second run and one is immediately available. Thx for the interest in my products. I do not currently offer International shipping, I suggest looking into a freight forwarding company if you would like this overseas. I do currently have a dealer in Australia and the UK. Email me for contact info.

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