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On Feb 1 2023 I plan to quit taking orders for grinders except the month of June and December. I will transition into fulltime knifemaking and be a part time grinder manufacturer. Thx for the support. If you need any parts for your Wilmont Grinders feel free to email me and I will get you squared away. If you desire to purchase a grinder in a month other than June or December I will not be able to help you.

The next drop for Grinders is June10 to July 10, I am going to Blade in ATL June1-4, so wont start drop until my return. If you would like a grinder shipped a day or two before 1 June, email me!

Thx for understanding
Chris W.


Above is my $1150 fixed speed vertical 2"x72" belt grinder


Above is my Quattro Grinder, Click pick for more info.

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