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New LB1000 grinders finally available, These new grinders come with a plated steel (No rusting) And a more robust design that is far stiffer and better than the old design My new LB1000 grinders are selling for $1150, its an additional $75 for shipping. This grinder comes with a fixed speed 1800 RPM 1.5hp motor. While it comes with a L shaped fixed toolrest my adjustable toolrest for sale in the Accessories section will fit in this grinders second slot to give more capability.


I am now selling the Old unplated grinders with everything excluding the motor and wheels for $500, I can tell you where to get all the wheels for this grinder for $120 and a motor can be purchased at your local farm store. This is a great way to get started making knives on the cheap. Ive only got a few of the old designs left. Once there gone, well you know.

The button directly below this Paragraph is for the old style LB1000 frame kit excluding the motor and wheels.


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