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Stock Removal fixed blade class

My stock removal class is a two day Class,

On Day 1 you will receive a rectangle piece of High carbon steel (1095 steel) and two rectangle pieces of handle material as well as a piece of Kydex for a sheath and some screws to attach the handles. First we scribe a template on the steel and next go to the belt grinder to grind up to the line. Next you have a profiled blade and we drill holes in handle and thread holes for #8-32 screws to secure handles. Next we grind bevels using belt grinder making sure we keep the cutting edge at least .050 thick . Lastly we heat treat the blades and temper them, this will be the end of day 1.

Day 2 starts with us grinding bevels again, and grinding swedge. We left bevels slightly short and blade alittle thick yesterday (So we dont get carbon loss on heat treat) Once bevels are to your liking, we next secure the handle slabs and profile them to the blades handles using grinder. Next we scallop the handles using a 1" small wheel attachment accessory in the belt grinder. Then we tape up blade using painters tape and mold a kydex sheath to it. Lastly we parkerize blade to keep it from rusting and lastly oil blade and handles and sharpen blade. It is now end of day 2 and you will leave with a completely finished stock removal blade with kydex made entirely by you. Cost is $250 a day for a total of $500, a 50% deposit is necessary to get on my calendar.


If you prefer a class on dates not shown, email me and for a 50% deposit I  can teach

the class your interested in on the dates you want. Even if my calendar shows something else, I can change class to what you desire as long as I don't have any other students signed up yet. All classes are taught at my shop which is just outside of Fayetteville, NC.

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