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Damascus Class

 My Damascus class is a two day course, we will start with 1095 and 15N20 steel. we start with a 25 layer billet of shim stock that is stacked and alternated between the two steels. We next tack weld them together to keep them joined until we forge weld them. Next we weld on a rebar handle and then forge weld it using one of two power hammers i have and one of two hydraulic presses (16 ton and a 50 ton) and lastly a rolling mill.  We will weld and re-stack to achieve your desired layer count, and next do one of several other process depending on the look your going for. We can  make random, raindrop, or ladder pattern up to 1000 layers if customer desires. Lastly we surface grind it flat and do a quick test etch. Customer usually has enough steel to make three medium sized knives. When teaching this class I focus on the basics, like proper soak time, proper temperature. We talk alot about the blown forge I use (Home made), while you wont make a knife in this class, this is just for knifemakers to get a billet to take home to finish into a knife later. I will speak to how to etch, heat treat, temper the billet they are carrying home. We only make the steel in this two day class and cost is $700 for the two day class with a 50% deposit necessary to get on the list. Lunch is provided as well as coffee and pastries in the morning.


I only teach from 1Nov to 1 Mar

If you prefer a class on dates not shown, email me and for a 50% deposit I  can teach

the class your interested in on the dates you want. Even if my calendar shows something else, I can change class to what you desire as long as I don't have any other students signed up yet. All classes are taught at my shop which is just outside of Fayetteville, NC.

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