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Framelock Folder Class

My framelock folder class is a two day class, we will start with waterjet cut titanium scales and a water jet cut and pre-hardened folder blades of my design. We will first on day two flaten the two scales on a disk grinder and next mirror the left and right scale. We then open up the holes for the pivot with a reamer and then next counterbore to the correct depth both inside and out for pivot and bearings. Next we counterbore/ream for the stop pin and the spine screws. Once all this is done we scribe centerline on scales and chamber outside of them on grinder at a 45deg. Next we drill frame for detent ball and next relieve frame lock bar with a milling machine a 3/8" carbide ball end mill cutter so lockbar has .050 thickness.

Once scales are drilled, counterbored, releived, chamfered and finish sanded to 400 grit then they go in the tumberler for 4 hours and its the end of day 1. Day 2 starts grinding blade to lockup with frames lockbar at 7.25deg. Next we mill clip with milling machine and drill frames scales and tap them for said clip. Lastly we grind blades bevels and sharpen. Next we anodize if necessary, we can anodize titanium bronze, blue, purple, gold and purple. Lastly we sharpen the blade and we are now done.


If you prefer a class on dates not shown, email me and for a 50% deposit I  can teach

the class your interested in on the dates you want. Even if my calendar shows something else, I can change class to what you desire as long as I don't have any other students signed up yet. All classes are taught at my shop which is just outside of Fayetteville, NC.

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